Games that make you go hmm

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Games that make you go hmm

This is an article about our favourite games, the kind of games that will be the best engagement of your time.


Greetings, talking monkeys in space in the age of hyper fast internet and selfies, how have you been? This year is about to end and we have the perfect excuse for you to stay glued to your devices this season. We are listing some of the games that we are fond of and would like you to go through the experience yourselves.

Monument Valley
There are games and then there is Monument Valley, a beautiful and surreal puzzle game that will attract every ounce of your attention from the very beginning of your colourful journey into the world of the mysterious valley, the home of the Princess Ida. It is a game based on perception and the players need to manipulate, move or rotate graphical elements onscreen to complete the levels and help the princess fulfil her mythical destiny. If simply said the game once started is unputdownable, the background music is very soothing and calm, and the visuals are just stunning. All in all, monument valley is one of the best games available on the android platform.

There are several extra missions and DLC and a second iteration of the game where Ida’s daughter joins her on another extraordinary journey. This is a must play for all those game enthusiasts out there and it has got so many awards to vouch for it that it won’t be waste of your time. Here’s the trailer which I hope will get some of you hooked:

The Silent Age
Numero dos on our not so long list is “The silent age”, another superb puzzle game that will give you the thrills of a ride through the temporal dimension, the players play as a man who works as a janitor who finds a time manipulation device at the facility where he is employed. What the device does is it enables the players to switch back and forth between two points in time which has to be to intelligently put to use to avoid and overcome obstacles. Granted that it can be a bit frustratingly difficult at times but it is definitely worth the effort.

This War Of Mine
This war of mine is a survival exploration game, and as the name suggests the players find themselves smack dab in the middle of a war time scenario in a decrepit building, usually the game begins with 3 or sometimes 4 strangers (game characters) who have taken shelter in the building, the objective is to survive as long as one can with, the players have to keep the characters alive and prevent them from being looted, starvation and depression and diseases. This game although a bit gloomy gives one a feeling how lucky most of us are, that we live in relative safety and comfort. This game is based on real events.

In limbo players find themselves as a boy stuck in an surreal and absurd hostile environment, this is a type of side scrolling platformer game where the players are surprised with sudden and violent death, every step must be taken with care and take it from me, it takes a great deal of patience to finish this game, there are areas where it is mind bogglingly difficult and as the game progresses the players should expect bouts of frustration and anxiety.

80 days
Inspired by the timeless Vernian classic “Around the world in 80 days”, this game provides a sweet and simple interactive narration based gameplay in which the players have to manage resources, health and money of the main characters on a strict timeline to win the game. It has several improvisations of steampunk and other genres mixing onto the plot which makes it very interesting. The plot is adaptive and changes are initiated based upon the decisions taken by the players at different junctures.

We hope that these games will leave you with cherished experiences and if you want to get this kind of content and lists delivered right into your inbox please click here. Wish you all a very happy new year in advance.