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Memes, pronounced miːm not may-may, get that?


Don't you love memes? The timeless scrolling of the feed, the funny relateable images, the limitless tagging, sharing and uploading- isn't all of this fun? What would life be without memes?

With the generation getting lazy and introverted bit-by-bit, and procrastination getting the best of us, people are loving the dose of happiness these memes inject in us. Facebook, the largest meme distributing network is just the home of entertainment. Remember the time, when we watched TV's, played football, or went out for a walk for some refreshments? Now it's easier. With the advent of technology, and networks like the Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Imgur, Reddit, etc. you don't have to work hard for refreshments - just pick up your phone, tap and scroll. Voila, you are refreshed.

It took us some 2000 years to achieve this, but we have now officially surpassed Jesus in terms of online popularity. One hell of an achievement. No matter what the age is, people are constantly viewing and sharing memes. Memes not only serves the constant dose of happiness but also shares a lot of information about current affairs. It creates awareness and is a perfect source for knowledge. This meme phenomenon subtly represents the tone of our current generation. The gadget addiction has cut us from the daily world and are converting us into an attention-hungry, lazy character. We spend more time correcting our images and eventually we end up scrolling our news feed and we find them. They also have a huge cultural impact. Plus it's only a matter of seconds per image and that is what makes it so addictive. New memes are just a scroll away and there is an inifinite supply along with an infinite demand.

Humor and pets mean business. For most pet owners, sharing images of their funny pets was the main objective. Well, they get a lot of likes or upvotes, so why not? Only after one of our friends rose to the fame, the products and marketting began. The popularity of pets online, specially cats and dogs is a typically remarkable phenomenon of the Internet age. Not only we share their funny images with captions but also the emotional response it creates. These type of contents are always cute and humorous and are hardly ever controversial. The websites which hosts these memes are growing rapidly and are getting over a million visits per month. Grumpy Old Cat, the cat internet celebrity, has a book written on her, attended TV shows as a special guest and has fans lined up for hours for photographs. These memes make their way into T-shirts, cups, mugs, frames, posters and what not. There are billions of exchanges taking place all over the internet, and sharing, tagging or uploading memes makes it feel like offering small gifts, creating little happy 'memeries' and eshtablishing a bond with one another.

With the exponential growth of memes, new academic courses are currently being planned. Universities like Cambridge will be running short courses on memes entitled 'Understanding and Analysis of the meme revolution'. Wouldn't that be a good thing to study? New professions are being invented where your job is to create memes for the day. The internet is an important social medium for art and culture. Memes surely add a lot more value to it. We all know about the success kid and his GoFundMe campaign which eventually helped him raise money for his father's kidney transplant.

People, in general regardless of the age are a fan of these humourous content. Well, with the competition of survival getting tough each day and with barely enough time to find some refreshment, memes serves us a great matter of joy. However it is not an easy task to create a meme. You need to have a good observational skill and possess a decent sense of humor. There is Imgur and also some apps out there which make the tasks easier for us but still finding the content is a hard work. There are no hard and fast rules to make a popular meme. One can actually be an overnight sensation. Prizes are now distributed in some schools to those who can create great memes.

Memes are obviously one of the main sources of entertainment these days. These memes can explain any complex topic in a very simple way and engage almost every one in a conversation that most of them are shut out of. They are used to criticise, inform or even create a new trend. In an era where there is little freedom left, memes serve as a lifeline as they are undeniably accessible & rational and provides a way to show your interest from a slightly different point of view. Tagging others in a meme nowadays is really a great way to open up as they offer a sense of personal connection.

Here are some of the sources we find good:

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Feel free to mention your favourite sources in the comments below