Mindhunter: The series that will haunt you

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Mindhunter: The series that will haunt you

The new web-tv series on the block that will not mind dealing with deviant tendencies.


Now is the time for the cult of personalities, be it political, religious or of popular culture, we all have our favourites amongst the uber rich and all powerful elite who continue to bestow us with never ending aspirations day in, day out.

Now what is a personality and how is it shaped? Is it money that makes a "man"? Or skills? It has been a long standing and controversial debate amongst many that which has more influence over the human mind, is it "nature" or "nurture", i.e., to determine whether genetic inheritance has the upper hand in deciding the personality and behavioural traits of an individual or social conditioning does the most of the heavy lifting.

We all have our moments in life when we are overwhelmed by our surroundings and have wandered that if are indeed products of different permutations and combinations semi-randomly thrown around by an indifferent universal system governed by god-knows-what logic it gets pretty Rick and Morty-ish dystopic. Think of this through the perspective of the new tv series directed by David Fincher, (director of Fight club ICYMI) MINDHUNTER deals with how the FBI started profiling criminals as serial killers and had developed psychological parameters to judge one from the other "normal" beings in society. The protagonist of the series is an uptight enthusiastic agent who wants to get things done, he takes a keen interest in the psychological angle to the problem of offenders who had charges of multiple offences on their record. When everyone else is busy following protocol this protagonist of ours takes the unconventional way to solve cases and interrogate hardened criminals and convicts, the series is thrilling and perfect for the beginners' foray into social-psychology, psychology and sociology on a very basic level.

The reason the nature vs nurture debate is mentioned in this article is because of the fact that the entire series subtly hints at the possibility of the fact that serial killers aren't born, they are created by society and some of its features which are mostly very repressive and torturous on the individual who later turns out as the perpetrator of heinous crimes such as rape, murder, mutilation and various other grotesque and violent deviant behaviour. Our minds aren't just ours, in a way they are society's, it was society which created the mind and its capacities through the medium of language at the first place, we are beings of communication and some of us unfortunately get conditioned "unconventionally", they often feel distraught and lonesome, they too like any other normal beings desire communication, in most cases it has been seen that early childhood trauma or growing up in a difficult situation has extreme stress on the deviants' minds which leads to extreme behavioural deviancy.

Whatever the reason maybe, this tv series is worth a watch compared to other popular run off the mill shows, apart from the content of the show, it has pretty well accurate acting and amazing cinematography. Have a good time watching the show folks!!

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